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GRO Sims' Clock IMG 0944
What: Historical land mark
Where: GL5 3DY   At the meeting point of London Road, Russell Street, George Street, John Street and Kendrick Street
Then: Given to the town by Stroud wine merchant William Sims, in 1921
Now: Today, the clock is a well-known Stroud landmark

Sims' Clock was completed in February 1921 as a result of a bequest by a Stroud storekeeper, William Thomas Sims of Uplands, who died in 1917. It was originally intended to be the town’s War Memorial, but subsequently a Memorial was erected in the newly-acquired Park Gardens. Sim’s clock stands where there was once a drinking trough for the town’s horses and an underground gents’ loo.

Sims started in business as a wine and spirit merchant, grocer and provision dealer at 65 High St. in 1850. In 1876, he moved to a new store in Russell Street

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