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What: Stroud's original market place
Where: GL5 1AP   Between St Laurence's church and the High Street
Then: This was principally the meat market of the town.  
Now: Still the home to a town market held twice a week

The name 'Shambles' means a slaughter-house, and this is where the butchers sold their meat on tables that dropped down from the wall, two of which survive at the south end. In 1742, John Wesley preached here, standing on a butcher's chopping block.

On the west side is the Church Hall, which was originally the town’s Corn Exchange, built in 1867. It was rebuilt as the Church Institute in 1930. The Corn Exchange Inn was also on this side.

The site was originally occupied by John of Pridie and was known as Pridie's Hay or Pridie's Hay Acre. He gave it to the inhabitants of Stroud, and it is now administered by the town feoffees.

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