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Cooper's Hill by kind permission of Howard Beard

What: Cooper's Hill, a private house, and behind it Stratford Lawn, another
Where: GL5 4AP   Beeches Green
Then: The house was built c.1800 and has been rebuilt after a fire
Now: St Rose's Special School

Cooper’s Hill was lived in by, among others, Dr W Darke, Dr D Cargill and Mrs Franklin. It was owned by Mr. J.H. Lloyd, a retired wine and spirits merchant in 1905 when a serious fire gutted the building. When rebuilt it became a private hotel, which has had at least two names, the Paddock Hotel and the Stratford Hotel. Behind it is another large house, Stratford Lawn, which was built in the 1880s and occupied by Henry Godsell.

St Rose's Special School moved from Badbrook House to Cooper’s Hill and Stratford Lawn in 1955. Stratford Lawn was incorporated into new buildings and the whole was called by that name. There have been many additions and improvements over the years. It now teaches boys and girls.

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