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Stroud became well known for it's high quality cloth known as broadcloth. 'Stroud Scarlet' was a high quality broadcloth that was used for making uniforms.  This was in great demand for soldiers' uniforms during the Civil War, as is detailed in a letter from Charles I to Prince Rupert, 1642. Different types of cloth were exported to Turkey, North America and the Far East [Rudder 1779:61]

Broadcloth was usually a thick, high quality plain cloth made on a broad loom. It was usually 24m-26m by 1.60m. Its quality depended upon the quality of the wool used.

The manufacture of broadcloth involved many stages.  These stages included:
* Preparing the wool
* Spinning and preparing the yarn
* Weaving
* Finishing

Until the 1800s, the spinning and weaving was done by hand in people's houses and cottages.

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SM Cloth Mark, Salmon Springs House, Stroud
GRO Miles Report p369 cloth processes
GRO Stroudwater dyeworks