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Over the centuries, industry has made a huge impact on the development of Stroud and it continues to have a major influence on people's lives and the environment we know today.

Most of the industrial development is concentrated in the valleys around Stroud with many of the industrial estates built on the sites of former cloth mills.

Many unique products and inventions have been made in Stroud including high quality cloth for products such as uniforms, tennis balls and billiard tables and textile machinery.

The world's first lawnmower was designed and manufactured here.  Other products made in Stroud include adjustable spanners, clothing, steamboats, plastics, cars, beer, pins, knitting needles, walking sticks, conveyors.  Today, distinctive products and inventions include windshields for microphones and artificial snow.

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GRO Map of Ham Mill
SM Green Cloth
SM 2968 Budding lawnmower