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Between 1919 and 1930, Dudbridge was the centre for the production of the luxury sports and saloon cars known as the Hampton Car.

The car took its name from the Hampton Engineering Co. Ltd which was previously situated at Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire. The road climbing ability of the car was demonstrated locally, by driving 14 passengers up the Nailsworth Ladder - a gradient greater than 1 in 3.

SM Hampton Sportsman Saloon front
SM Hampton Sportsman Saloon side 2

The company began to have financial difficulties. Charles Apperly and William Paddon held 1,000 shilling shares and acted as Directors. In 1919, the company went into liquidation and was purchased in 1920, by John Daniel for £10,000 for his son Myrddin Daniel.

In 1924, the business was sold as a going concern to a new company called The Stroud Motor Manufacturing Co. Ltd, under Directors Gerald Dixon and Major John Griffiths. However, the company went into receivership in January 1926. During the same year, John Hatton-Hall, a Hampton owner, was persuaded to finance the company but the production and sales of cars declined.

In 1930, production ceased and workers were laid off at Dudbridge

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GRO Former Hampton Car factory