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Over the next few pages, explore how cloth was produced over the centuries..........

Wool was prepared for weaving by firstly, sorting it by length and quality.  It was then scoured to remove grease.  The wool was then dried, oiled and scribbled to open the fibres.

Before the early 1800s, wool was taken to people's homes for carding, spinning and quilling.  Carding involved opening the fibres of the wool prior to spinning. This was usually carried out by women and children using carding handles set with metal spikes or teazles.  Spinning was usually carried out by women.

Yarn was spun using a 'great wheel'. Quilling or winding onto shuttles for weaving was usually carried out by children.  The yarn was then ready for weaving.

Did you know... that in the 1800s stale urine was used!  This was collected from public houses in Stroud.

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SM 2312 Illustration of a spinning wheel
GRO Miles Report p370 - carding

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