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What: Historic building
Where: GL5 3EN  Over the canal bridge on Chestnut Lane
Then: The Stroud Gas Light & Coke Company's gasworks
Now: An industrial park

Gas came to Stroud in 1833, when Thomas and Samuel Marling and John Ferrabee got together with a Leeds gas engineer, William Stears, to make gas on a site near Fromehall Mill. The company was given a contract to light the streets of Stroud in the same year and also laid on supplies to mills and shops in the parish.

In 1858, it was incorporated as the Stroud Gas Light & Coke Co. and in 1864, it was authorised to enlarge its works and extend its area of supply. In 1936, the company bought the Brimscombe & Chalford Gas Co. (formed in 1822).

Coal for the gas works came on the Midland railway branch and was bought down to the gasworks by a light railway and tipping trucks. Remnants of this can be seen on the old railway path above.

In 1863, land adjacent to the gas works was developed as a sewage works by the Local Board of Health.


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