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GRO Aerial photograph Stafford's Mill
What: Historic Mill Site
Where: GL5 2AZ   On the London Road (A419)
Then: First recorded in 1608, as a cloth mill, later owned by the Stantons.
Now: Some stone buildings survive. The site is currently occupied by a variety of small businesses. 

Stafford's Mill takes its name from a ford across the river (Stone Ford), mentioned in the late 14th century. The mill was first recorded in 1608, and was used as a cloth mill. In 1793, the property consisted of a house, a fulling mill with two stocks and a gig mill.

The mill was sold in that year to William Stanton, clothier, whose descendants continued to work the mill until about 1886. Three members of this family served as MP for Stroud in the mid-late 19th century.

By 1833, steam engines had been introduced, and in 1836, 28 power looms were installed alongside the existing 88 handlooms.

By 1889, cloth production had ceased and the site was occupied by a paint and chemical manufacturing company, S.G. Bailey & Co., which remained here until the 1960s, when they moved to Griffin's Mill.

A number of stone buildings built between 1825 and 1831 still survive, and the site is currently occupied by a variety of small businesses, including DM Foundries.

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