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What: A large concrete office block
Where: GL5 3EP   Cainscross roundabout
Then: Built about 1970 as an office block
Now: Empty   

Tricorn House is a very large office block, built in about 1970 of pre-cast concrete panels, which now dominates the area.

A noted feature of the area is the milestone/sundial dated 1754, showing the distance from Stroud of 1 mile. This used to be outside the Sundial Cafe, now demolished. Whilst Tricorn House was being constructed the stone was in storage and the large stone top was lost. On two sides of the stone are sundials and on the other sides are the inscriptions "seek ye the Lord while he may be found" and "behold now is the accepted time".

In 1965, a fine late 18th century Georgian house 5 Lawn Gardens, was demolished for road widening despite protests by the Georgian Group and CPRE.

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