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GRO Gussage Mill and workshops 2003 IMG 2394
What: Historic Mill Site
Where: GL5 2UF  Located on the Toadsmoor Brook at Lower Bourne
Then: Cloth mill dating from 1540
Now: Private house and workshops

Gussage Mill stands on the Toadsmoor Brook at Lower Bourne. It is first mentioned in 1540, and in 1559, was being operated by Thomas Fowler, clothier. In 1653, the mill consisted of a messuage, tuck-mill and grist-mill, and the incoming tenant was a clothier. The mill was rebuilt in stone in the early 19th century, and probably remained in the cloth trade until the 1830s. By about 1850, William Dangerfield had a wood turning business there, but by 1856, it was occupied by a silk-throwing business in which he was a partner. By 1870, the mill housed Richard Grist & Co., mattress, mill-puff and shoddy makers, who were replaced in the 1930s, by a firm of wood turners. It remained in this business in 1971.

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