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CA Aerial photograph of Bourne Mill (2)
What: Historic Mill Site
Where: GL5 2TG   The lowest mill on the Toadsmoor Brook
Then: One time cloth mill, it later became a saw mill
Now: Since 1940, it has been occupied by Olympic Varnish Co. who coat and water-proof fibreboard for use in the motor, travel and electricity industries

Bourne Mill lay south of the London Road and close to the confluence of the Brook and the River Frome. Confusingly, it had the same name as the nearby mill on the River Frome. In 1784, it was held with the Dark Mill property, but in 1813, it was held by Thomas Howell, the cloth manufacturer of Griffin's Mill. By 1870, it had become a saw mill. From 1877 to about 1930, it was worked as a saw mill by the Philpotts family. From 1940, the site was occupied by the Olympic Varnish Co., which moved there from Enfield (Middlesex) under an industry dispersal scheme. This firm rebuilt and extended their premises in 1948, and in 1971, employed about 30 people in coating and water-proofing fibreboard for use in the motor, travel-goods and electricity industries.

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