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HB Bourne Mill (1) by kind permission of Howard Beard
What: Historic building and site (1608)
Where: GL5 2TA  Located below Bourne's Bridge

A textile mill which later produced umbrella and walking sticks

Now: Today, the site is occupied by a number of small businesses

Bourne Mill may be the building recorded below Bourne's Bridge in 1608, which comprised a house, two fulling mills and a rack place in 1690. By 1777, the site seems to have become known as Grime's Mill and continued to be used for the production of textiles throughout the late 18th and early 19th century, although the mill included a corn mill by 1822.

By the mid-1860s, the mill was occupied by Richard Grist & Co, mattress, mill-puff and shoddy makers, but they evidently left by 1901, when the site was occupied by a firm of cabinet makers. Between 1912 and the 1960s, the mill was used by H.S. Hack Ltd. for the production of umbrella and walking sticks. In 1971, the mill comprised two early 19th century stone buildings and was occupied by a number of small businesses engaged in screen printing, metal polishing and the manufacture of flexible moulds.

The mill site today consists of four buildings. The main mill is a large four-storey stone building built about 1830, with a three-storey stone block adjoining it at its southern end to form an L-shaped range. The third building stands at right-angles to this, and was built in stone between 1830 and 1850; this may have been the gig mill. To the east of the main range is a small three-storey stone mill.

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