Revd Benjamin Parsons

  Born in North Nibley. Congregational minister. Minister of Ebley Chapel, 1826. Was the champion of good causes in speeches and writing - anti-slavery, education, temperance, protection of Selsley Hill from enclosure. 
Edwin Paxton Hood, The Earnest Minister: A Record of the Life of the Rev. Benjamin Parsons, 1856.

Jack Russell

  Cricketer & painter.  Born in Stroud. Educated at Archway School. Wicket-keeper of Gloucestershire first team, 1982. Member of England team from 1988-96. Has produced many well-received oil paintings.
Jack Russell, Unleashed, 1997.

Lord John Russell

  MP (Liberal) Stroud, 1835-41. Son of the sixth Duke of Bedford. Home Secretary 1835-9. Secretary for War & Colonies 1839-41. Owner Rodborough Court in 1855-70. His son Lord Amberley lived there from 1865-70. Became Earl Russell in 1861 and Prime Minister 1846-51 & 1865-6. Russell & Bedford Streets are named after him.
Ed. Bertrand & Patricia Russell, The Amberley Papers, 1937.