Laurie Lee

  Poet and writer. Born in Stroud. From an early age lived at Slad. Left home, went to Spain and fought in the Civil War. Script writer 1940s.
Books The Sun My Monument 1944, The Bloom of Candles 1947, My Many-Coated Man 1955, A Rose For Winter 1955, Cider With Rosie 1959, As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning 1969, I Can't Stay Long 1975, A Moment of War 1991, reprinted as Red Sky at Sunset 1992. Valerie Grove, Laurie Lee, The Well-loved Stranger, 1999.

John Libby

  Author of Twenty Years History of Stroud 1870 to 1890, ud. Stroud clothing factory owner. Firm in which he was partner built the large stone cloth hall at bottom of Kendrick Street c.1871.

Sir Samuel Stephens Marling


Mill-owner, philanthropist & politician. Born in Ham Mill. A member of a family of woollen cloth manufacturers. At one time owned Ham Mill, Ebley Mill 1840, Stanley Mill 1854. Bought Stanley Park in 1853. In 1862, built & endowed Selsley Church. MP (Liberal) West Gloucestershire 1868-74 & Stroud 1875-80. Baronet 1882.  In 1882, offered £10,000 to build "middle-class school" which resulted in Marling School opening in 1889.

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