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Up until 1840, law enforcement in Stroud was the responsibility of the Parish Constable - an unpaid official who was chosen from among the town's more substantial citizens and who served for a year. Not surprisingly, it was an unpopular job and many of those chosen, faltered somewhat in their commitment.


With the introduction of Sir Robert Peel's Police Force in the 1840s, Law and Order in Stroud took on a new role. In 1858, a house was purchased at Badbrook for use as a Police Station with a purpose-built magistrates court next door. The growth of the town was reflected in the need for a growing police force and in the 1880s, the building was enlarged.

The present serving police station and magistrates court (due to close summer 2016) are located near The Cross and were opened in 1969.

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GROIMG1658 Old Police Station and Court House
GROIMG1444 New Police Station