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The beginning of Stroud's Health Care really starts mid 1700s, when a Dispensary was opened and supported by private subscriptions. In 1823, this is recorded as being on the corner between Bedford Street and George Street. Later a Casualty Hospital was built next door to it.

By 1856, the Local Board of Health appointed a Medical Officer of Health, with a view to improving public health in the town. For the same reasons, a Burial Board was established to manage the cemeteries.

Stroud General Hospital was not built until 1875. However, to isolate outbreaks of infectious diseases and epidemics, a Joint Hospital Board was set up in 1897. It established an isolation hospital at Oakridge and later, a new infectious diseases hospital at Cashes Green. The Influenza pandemic of 1918 caused 38 deaths in Stroud and led to local schools closing for five weeks!

The Pharmacy at Stroud General Hospital closed in April 2015

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