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Skip Walker was the editor of the Stroud News and Journal in 2003.


Why do you live here?/ What brought you to Stroud?
This job brought me here, in 1996. My first impression of Stroud was that it was scruffy and hard to get around in a car. Before that, I had ventured out to Stroud from Cirencester just once, for the opening of Waitrose. I had no idea what it was like because it had never really been promoted in a way that made me want to come here. Now, I realise that Stroud has a huge amount to offer. The number of independent and interesting shops is growing. In fact, I can say that I do all my Christmas shopping here.

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What do you love/like best about Stroud?
The diverse mix of characters who are both interesting and interested in community issues and the environment. Although Stroud's industrial history has left some areas rather scruffy, the countryside here is stunning and people really care about it all.

What do you hate about Stroud?
The lack of Signs and Car park space. People come to visit Stroud and can't find a car park! Although this is a bugbear of mine I know that the Town Council, the Town Centre Management and the Chamber of Trade and Commerce are addressing this problem.

What do you think is Stroud's best physical feature?
The Hill Paul building. You can see it from everywhere in the town and when it is lit up at night it represents a real achievement for Stroud. I like to think the Stroud News and Journal had a part to play in ensuring that the building was not demolished.  I'm proud of that.

What do you think is Stroud's best communal feature?
Of course the Sub rooms is a great venue for the community and manages its events program well. Then again The Space, across the road is exciting in that it represents organised events for the community by the community.  It has band nights, interactive theatre workshops, rehearsal space and a playgroup in the mornings. In 2016 The space is now Lansdown Hall)

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