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Questions answered by Joy Goodenough in 2003 - Joint Proprietor of "Inprint" - Stroud's oldest Second Hand bookshop - in the High Street.


Why do you live here? What brought you to Stroud?

Although I grew up in Stroud I have lived in other cities and towns. I chose to settle here with my husband in my early twenties mainly because we found a house we loved, to restore.

What do you love/like best about Stroud?

Stroud is still a wonderful, safe place to bring up children. One thing that reaffirmed my attachment to the town was when we put a notice announcing the birth of our grand child, in the shop window. The warm response made me feel part of a network of people who cared about us as a family.

What do you hate about Stroud?

Nothing. Although I am occasionally saddened by the strongly polarised views, which (I believe) impede progress in the town as it can create a negative polarity.

What do you think is Stroud's best physical feature?

The rolling hills and countryside here, even though much of the fingers of green land which used to reach into the town have been developed now.

What do you think is Stroud's best communal feature?

If I wanted to find someone, then I'd go to "Mills" the restaurant in Withey's Yard.

What would you change about Stroud if you had a magic wand?

I would change the attitudes of people who have the power to make a real difference in Stroud. The lack of an integrated transport system coupled with insistence upon pedestrianisation makes trading here very difficult. I feel the interests of retailers, who do bring revenue to the town, have been largely neglected in recent years.

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