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Questions answered in 2003 by Pete Hendy, Independent milkman for 38 years.
Why do you live here? What brought you to Stroud?
I was born in Bussage and apart from 5 years in Stratford -upon -Avon, have lived in the area all my life; the reason being my job and my girlfriend (now my wife).

What do you love/like best about Stroud?
I love the area and the countryside.

What do you hate about Stroud?
I hate the way the town has been crucified. A town can't function without cars and this ludicrous traffic system is holding the town back. As for closing the bus station; that's a recipe for disaster and it will hit the people who need it most; school kids, old people and those who can't afford a car.

What do you think is Stroud's best physical feature?
I like the way that some new buildings have been built with sensitivity to the architecture of town. I like the Stroud and Swindon building (now Ecotricity) and the London road car park. Some thought has gone into those.

What do you think is Stroud's best communal feature?
Well the Sub rooms is certainly the hub of Stroud but the Farmers' market creates a good communal atmosphere.

What would you change about Stroud if you had a magic wand?
I'd change the traffic system and look into why shop rent is so expensive here.

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GRO Old Bus Station 1679