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What: Historic house and estate
Where: GL5 3RU   Located off Rodborough Hill

The name comes from the Spillman family who had owned the estate since the 12th century. The house burnt down in 1902.

Now: Today the site is occupied by private housing

Spillmans Court derived its name from Adam Spillman, who owned the estate in the late 12th century. Like Stringers Court, it was held from Caen Abbey by the service of carrying the Abbey's treasure to Southampton. His descendants owned the estate until the beginning of the 15th century, when Margery Spillman carried it in marriage to Henry Payne. Their descendants held it until 1650, when Giles Payne sold it to his daughter Anne and her husband George Lloyd. It changed hands several times in the next century, before being acquired by marriage by William Halliday of Fromehall Mill. Henry Burgh, the well-known Stroud magistrate, lived here for many years until his death in 1848. Another prominent owner was Lindsey Winterbotham, who lived here in 1864.Winterbotham sold it that year to a schoolmaster. In 1873, it was bought by a nurseryman, which suggests it was in decay and sliding down the social scale. It held another school briefly in around 1890.

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