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HB Farmhill001 by kind permission of Howard Beard
What: Historic building
Where: GL5 4DP  East of the road from Paganhill to Whiteshill
Then: One time home of Stroud MP George Holloway, in the late 1800s
Now: During the 1970s, Farmhill House was a school for children with Learning Difficulties. It is now a private house.

Farmhill House stands east of the road from Paganhill to Whiteshill. In the 17th century, the site was probably occupied by a house belonging to the Warners. The present building is a small house of around 1700, with large additions for George Holloway in 1880.The estate was developed for housing from the late 1930s, and a Baptist Chapel was built in 1965 beside the lower drive, to designs by David Stratton Davis.

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