The Effect on the Centre of Stroud Travelling to London Transporting Goods Car Parking

Today, to get to London we all have several options to choose from. We can travel by train, car, coach, and reach our destination within a matter of hours - traffic and train delays permitting of course!!

In April 1817, the 'True Briton' offered overnight journeys from Gloucester to London via Stroud, three times a week.

Only four passengers could travel inside the coach. The remaining six had to use the outside seats and take their chance with the weather. The fare from Stroud to London was £1-16 shillings [£1.80] for an inside seat and £1-2 shillings [£1.10] outside. Such fares put coach travel beyond the means of most people in Stroud who earned considerably less than £1 per week.

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