The Effect on the Centre of Stroud Travelling to London Transporting Goods Car Parking

Light goods could be sent by fast 'Fly Vans', or by slower and cheaper wagons. It's amazing to consider that in 1821, the firm of Tanner & Baylis offered an overnight van service from Rodborough to London, three times a week.

Transporting bulk goods such as coal or stone by road was still a problem because of the limited weight each wagon could carry. This was where canals and later railways, had the advantage over roads.

In the 19th century, local road transport improved. A network of independent carriers made regular journeys carrying goods, parcels and passengers. Over a dozen such carriers are listed for Stroud in Kelly's Directory, 1897.]

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CM 3841 Poster Advertising Fly Vans, 1821
GRO Kelly's Directory 1897, p.308