The Effect on the Centre of Stroud Travelling to London Transporting Goods Car Parking

So how has the road network affected the centre of Stroud?

Today, much of the centre of Stroud is pedestrianised.  If we look back to the mid 19th century, the streets of Stroud were properly surfaced and paved, as the drawing of King Street in 1860 shows.

The other photographs show street scenes from around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, including a horse-drawn charabanc in George Street (with a steam-powered road roller in the background). Altogether, it seems to have been a lot less dangerous crossing the road in those days!

GRO A320/5 View of King Street, Stroud 1860
GRO GPS320-6 Charblanc, George Street, c1900
GRO GPS320-7 George Street Charablanc c1900


GRO GPS320-65 Stroud Agricultural Fair of 1907

The streets were decorated for the Agricultural Fair of 1907.

This picture includes a couple of bicycles. Cycling had become very popular by 1900. A bicycle was much cheaper to buy and maintain than a horse, giving many more people the chance to travel much further in the course of a day.

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