H.S. Hack Early Production

H.S. Hack was founded in 1912, in the former cloth mill at Bourne, Brimscombe. The company produced a huge diversity of decorative umbrella handles from a wide range of different materials.

At first native woods were used - beech, oak, ash and sycamore. Some of these were supplied by local sawmills at Woodchester and Ryeford. Later, more exotic woods such as mahogany, white manila and French Congo were used. Metal mounts and fittings were made from gilt, silver, zinc, chromed steel, silver titanium and nickelled zinc.

New decorative effects became possible with the availability of early plastics. Locally produced Erinoid plastics, in multicoloured sheets and rods, were used to form handles. Sticks made by H.S. Hack were exported as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. The company continued production until 1960.

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