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The Stroud District is world-famous for the production of high quality woollen cloth which was traded internationally. So were other European-made woollen cloths.

Exeter-based conservator, Morwena Stephens, has been researching tradecloths from the South West of England.

The Wrapping the Globe exhibition is based on her work with contributions from the other partner organisations. It looks at:

Cloth making
Its history, how it was made and its properties.

The ways in which tradecloth has been used by communities around the world.
The cloth was exported to North America and Asia. It was used to make and decorate clothing and other items.

With thanks to

Lots of people and several different organisations have helped to make this exhibition possible:

Jane Burkinshaw  Royal Albert Memorial Museum
Jean Bruce   Canadian Museum of Civilisation
Dominique Cocuzza  National Museum of the American Indian
Carolyn Corey   Textile dyer and historian
Michele Crawley  Museum in the Park, Stroud
Sherry Doyal   Horniman Museum
Terry Eldridge   Stroudwater Textile Trust
Jane Ford   Stroudwater Textile Trust
David Garner   Royal Albert Memorial Museum
Susan Hayward   Museum in the Park, Stroud
Susan Heald   National Museum of the American Indian
Kevin Jones   Royal Albert Memorial Museum
John Loosely   Stroudwater Textile Trust
Kathy Macdonald  Digital Stroud Partnership
Ian Mackintosh   Stroudwater Textile Trust
Lucy Osude   Digital Stroud Partnership
Len Pole   Royal Albert Memorial Museum
Chris Reed   Royal Albert Memorial Museum
J. Rex Riddick   Crazy Crow Trading Post
Jill Shonk   Museum in the Park, Stroud
Geoffrey Slater   Coldharbour Mill Museum
Angela Smith   Museum in the Park, Stroud
Morwena Stephens  textile conservator and project co-ordinator
Cory Willmott Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville  Smithsonian Institution

Members of staff and volunteers in other partner organisations

Partner Organisations

The Museum in the Park (Lead partner)
The Royal Albert Memorial Museum (Lead partner)
Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Stroudwater Textile Trust
Gloucestershire Records Office

This project has been generously supported by:

Heritage Lottery Fund
Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB) Research Centre for Textile Conservation and Textile Studies