Partners The Team Wrapping The Globe

Throughout 2003/4, many individuals and organisations have contributed to the success of the project. Much of its success has been down to the hard work and dedication of the Digital Stroud project team.

Working with Sue Hayward, Stroud District Museum Service (lead partner), the team met and exceeded the project's aims and objectives

Lucy Osude - Digital Stroud Project Co-ordinator
Kathy MacDonald - Digital Stroud Lifelong Learning Co-ordinator
Sarah Jackson - Digital Stroud Marketing Co-ordinator
Thelma Harris & Margaret Laver - Digital Stroud Administrators
Shaun Carroll - Digital Stroud Technical Officer

Thanks must also go to many other individuals including Hugh Morrison, Abigail Large, Jill Shonk, John Loosley and volunteers from the Local History Society, Gemma Hinton, Stroud College staff and tutors, Nick Kingsley, James Turtle and other members of Gloucestershire Record Office, Mary Tucker and members of Stroud Library Service, MIP staff and volunteers, Howard Beard, Sue Harrison, Wilf Merrett, Ray Wilson .....

... all of whom have played a key role in the success of the project.

The Digital Stroud Team