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What: An exclusive housing development
Where: An enclosure on Rodborough Common
Then: Started in the early 1900s.Several grand houses were built by local architects
Now: An exclusive housing development

Private Road is an exclusive housing development which was begun around 1910 on an enclosure out of Rodborough Common. There are many fine houses here, including a number of 1920s and 1930s buildings by well-known Arts & Crafts architects. Silver Birches (formerly Grey House) was designed by Norman Jewson in 1926. Thomas Falconer, who rebuilt the Bear Hotel, designed Vaikuntha, Rodborough Lodge and Yew Cottage. At the end of the road is a yet larger gabled house, designed by P.R. Morley Horder in 1911. It was divided into three, perhaps by Falconer in the 1930s.

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