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GRO Frigg's Mill map
What: Historical site and existing Millhouse
Where: GL5 3NSOn the Bath Road (A46) just past Lightpill
Then: First recorded in 1633, the mill has had a colourful history as both a corn mill and as a cloth mill

The mill building burnt down in 1914.  The 17th century mill-house has been restored

In 1633, Frigg's Mill is recorded to have included fulling mills and a grist mill. It was being worked as a cloth mill in 1783 and in 1812, was said to consist of a grist mill and a newly-erected cloth mill.

By 1820, however, James Hillman was employing it as a corn mill, and it remained a corn mill under Samuel Sims (1856) and his sons. Steam power was applied in the mill before 1889. They were succeeded soon after by Kimmins Drew & Co. who worked the mill until about 1908.


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