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Objects and documents, which are held by a museum or records office for posterity, are known as "Community Assets", but infinitely more exciting are the reminiscences of a generation who lived through an historically significant time.

World War II introduced Britons to a way of life never previously known - food rationing, blackouts and gas masks are all reminiscent of this period.

By clicking on the links in this section you can access a number of extracts, which come from interviews with people who lived through WWII. These "sound bites" are first hand evidence about Stroud during wartime.

For those of you who wish to find out more, these interviews are available in transcript from Stroud's Museum in the Park.

From January 2016, this website is managed by Stroud Local History Society


CM 162 Gas Mas SD Scot
VE Day Celebrations by kind permission of Peckhams 01
CM 1455 Meat ration book