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Living in Stroud means different things to different people.


Our aim is to give you a flavour of what living in Stroud meant to people in the past and what it means to some of you now, in the present, looking forward to the future.

We have spent time interviewing a selection of local people to discover what living in Stroud means to them today.

Why not spend some time exploring Stroud's past. In World War II (WW II), listen to WWII reminiscences or find out how people spent their leisure time years ago by exploring the section on leisure.

For up to date information on key events in Stroud's calendar - the Fringe Festival, Stroud Show, Farmers' market, Party in the Park, Exhibitions, Events, Goodwill evening, Concerts and more visit the Town Council's website



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GRO View from Rodborough Common
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SM IMG 1870 part of Wallbridge painting
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GRO The Shambles IMG 1706

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