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If we look back to 300 years ago, roads in England were in a terrible condition - and Stroud was no exception!

Most people in Stroud had neither horses nor carriages and went about on foot, not travelling more than the few miles they could walk and come back in a day.

Just imagine not being able to travel beyond Nailsworth or Painswick. Imagine not being able to jump in the car to do the weekly shopping or get the bus to school. Imagine having to walk to and from work no matter what the distance.

GROBKIP6 KIP print of Lypiatt Manor 1709

This picture, published in 1709, shows Lypiatt Manor and illustrates the poor condition the roads were in.

Four horsemen are setting out on the road to Stroud. Like other roads, this had no proper surface so that it had deep ruts in summer.

In winter, a road like this would be thick with mud making travel difficult for those on horseback and often impossible for anyone in a carriage....

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