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When did the railway come to Stroud?

In 1824, a group of Stroud businessmen unhappy with the tolls charged on the Stroudwater Canal, put forward a scheme to build a horse-drawn tramway to compete with the canal. Parliament rejected the scheme in 1825 - the same year that the world's first steam railway was opened between Stockton and Darlington in the North of England.

GRO Stroud train station 2003 IMG 0937

The new technology developed remarkably quickly. When Samuel Sevill of Burleigh House, Minchinhampton, gave evidence to a Parliamentary Enquiry about the cloth trade in 1839, he was quick to point to the lack of a railway, putting Stroud manufacturers at a disadvantage compared with their rivals in Yorkshire.

GRO D1180/4/44 Petition for a tramway 1824

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GRO Sevill-Miles A. Evidence given by Samuel Sevill