What Replaced Horse Drawn Carts?

The 20th century saw horse-transport replaced by the petrol and the diesel engine and Stroud was no exception.

To start with, cars were both expensive and rare. One of the first people in Stroud to have a car was Dr Martin. He had to renew his driving licence every year! In the 1920s, it was even possible to buy a car made in Stroud. Hampton cars were made by a small firm in a former mill at Dudbridge.

Although there were not many cars in the early days, travel by bus was relatively cheap. It was estimated in 1902, that more than half a million passengers were being carried by bus each year in the Stroud area. Solid tyres cannot have given a comfortable ride! As buses became more sophisticated, they competed with the railways for excursions and outings as well as for local transport.

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GRO D1162 Dr Martin's Driving Licence, 1905
SM Hampton Cars 12HP chassis
CM 3736 p79 National Motor Bus Advert, 1930